Our mobile phone recycling system has been developed and fine tuned through 24 months of ongoing development and testing carried out via our B2C brand WeBuyTek.

After being let down by so called industry leaders in the past the decision was made to make our own code, starting from the ground up, after 24 months of significant investment and hard work our recycling system is now ready to be licenced for use by other companies wanting to start, or expand in the mobile phone recycling industry.


Our day to day business is running a mobile phone recycling company, we know this industry inside out and can provide a licence to use our software which is very efficient and heavily automated reducing the man power required to run a successful recycling operation.

As part of our trade in package, along with a licence to use our software, we can create a complete bespoke front end designed exactly to your requirements.

We can also provide advice on everything from driving traffic to your website to getting the right type of mail in packaging to send to your customers.



Trade in Order Placed

An order is placed by a customer online & an email notification is sent to the customer confirming their welcome pack will be sent or if the customer requested a free post label that will be emailed.

Trade in Packs

Trade in packs can be printed in batches and then sent to the customer for sending their device in.

Customer Receives Trade-in Pack

When the customer receives the pack, the customer places the device in the packaging provided and returns the parcel via Royal Mail.

Returned Pack is Received

On receipt, the website user only has to scan the barcode so the system can find the order and automatically email the customer to notify them.

Device Testing

Next the device is tested, if there is a revaluation, the customer is emailed with the reasons and options to accept/decline. If there is no revaluation device proceeds to payment, again with email notifications at each stage.

Pay The Customer

Process the customers payment by Payal Cheque or Bank Transfer, the customer will be notified once payment is complete.

This is a very basic overview of how the system works, if you would like a more detailed description please get in touch with us.

Additional Features

Along side our basic software, we have a series of modules which can be added at anytime and will help you run your business more efficiently..


This is a very important feature and one we recommend you take from day one - For each device booked in through the recycling software a IMEI number is required, when this is entered a automatic check of the IMEI is made with Checkmend (this happens instantly) and it gives a pass or fail result. If the device passes then the IMEI is not blacklisted and does not have any outstanding finance and you are safe to purchase the device. If the IMEI fails then this means the device is blacklisted, subject to an insurance claim or has outstanding finance and the device should not be purchased. If the device fails the checks an email is automatically sent to the customer advising them the device has failed the checks and will be returned to them.


Having a presence on comparison sites is a very powerful sales tool - it allows you to set your buying price and, put simply, if you offer the highest price you will get the trade in bookings. Adjusting your buying price allows you to increase/decrease your buying as per your requirements. Our API connection currently works with Compare and Recycle, Sell My Mobile and Compare My Mobile. The only way you will get listed on these websites is by having a robust, trusted recycling platform by a development company experienced in this field. Another powerful feature of our API connection is that you can set different prices for the same device on each comparison site and website.


This is our most expensive module, but the one that offers the biggest level of automation for your recycling business. This works by automatically generating a tracked 24 or 48 hour returns label and pre-populates it with the order reference number. This label can then be emailed to the customer if they are self printing trade in packs, downloaded from their account or automatically included in the trade in pack printed letters sent to customers. Simply print the trade in packs on invoice label paper and the customer receives a welcome letter with a label they can peel off, attach to their parcel and hand in at the post office.


As we know, emails are unreliable - our SMS module has an API connection to Message Bird and you can have an SMS message sent to the customer along with each email which will ensure the customer receives your communication. Message Bird have a small charge for each SMS sent but we have seen a significant increase in response rate using this module vs email alone.

External Mail Server API

Emails going in to Spam folders is a big problem these days and the only way to avoid it is to use an external SMTP server which ensures emails are correctly verified so they go straight in to the inbox, again improving customer responses and generally making your business run in a much better way.

Engineer Section

Our engineer section allows your technicians to search for devices by IMEI or trade in ID and log repairs done against the device. You can then run reports to check the productivity of each repair technician and keep a clear audit trail from receiving the device until it exits your business.


So if you are looking to enter the rapidly growing mobile phone recycling market, we have everything you need to get started or grow your business to the next level - get in touch to discus your requirements further.